Why Was United Nations Created?


Why Was United Nations Created?

The United Nations is perhaps one of the best and noble organizations which men of this earth were ever established after the two great wars that beset our world. The UN indeed was the best alliance of countries around the world whose aim is primarily to maintain and make world peace a reality in each and every country. Unity and camaraderie of all these member nations are the pillars of this organization. This proves to be very effective in fighting against possible conflict in between countries and provides help and assistance to ailing nations in whatever form.

As people found the effects of the past two world wars unbearable and truly disastrous, they all decided to end the pains and sufferings of so many innocent peoples afflicted by wars. They gathered and came up to agree on various specific things that will promote justice and peace around the globe. They vowed to each other that no matter what, they will never again resort to a world war as a solution to solve any particular problem that may emerge in the future.

Indeed the United Nations was a creation out of men’s despair towards the horrors caused by the wars in the past. They all believe in their hearts that the real solution to any world problem is definitely not any form of violence or bloodshed caused by war, but through dialogue and open communication with each conflicting nations. These principles are truly helpful in building camaraderie with each opposing nations. Thus, these nations united by the desire to live harmoniously with each other can benefit a lot from this alliance provided by this organization. The fact that these United Nations help each other in whatever way, it therefore goes to show that the world can hope brightly and more prosperously.

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  1. wnydel

    November 29, 2012 3:18 am

    The UN was created because to have more peaces between the world connections after World Was II the UN tryed to kill 11,00 people in Asia which people stopped


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