Why was the Berlin wall built?

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Why was the Berlin wall built?

The history of Germany points out that the building of wall between west and east sectors was due to two reasons. One was deteriorating economy of East Germany and the other being the political factor like the west interfering in the survival of people in East sector. During the period of 1954-1960 East Germany had lost its brain wealth. Approximately 37,000 people belonging to various fields like teachers, doctors, engineers, university teachers and technicians as well as about 12,000 students have moved from East to West Germany. The east sector had lost both academicians and professionals. They were all educated at East and wanted to work at West Germany. Education was at free of cost in East Germany. So people used to study in East and work at West Germany to earn money. Most of other Western countries used Berlin as spy center. Those countries which are against East Germany used to have about 80 spy centers on East Germany in 1960. This ‘Silence War’ ended by building a wall between East and West Germany as a line of separation. The Berlin Wall was built on 13th of August 1961. Earlier East Germany was soviet controlled state.

It was under the control of Stalin. Property and Industry was nationalized in East German sector and those who go beyond the rules were given severe punishment. The Marxism and Leninism doctrines were made to follow in the schools, which has made the teachers, professors and students to move away to West. The East Germans prepared their own political apparatus to face the West sector as well as western countries. In 1948, Stalin has imposed blockage of food materials and other supplies from western countries and he lifted it in 1949. The German democratic republic for East Germany was declared on October 7, 1949. The soviet ministry has given East Germany the administrative authority but not made it independent. The West Germany has emerged as Federal republic of Germany with social market economy and democratic parliamentary government. From then onwards West Germany economy started rising and many East Germans started moving to the West. This led to separation of East and West Germany by the Berlin Wall.

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