Why was Reggie Bush ineligible?

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Why was Reggie Bush ineligible?

Born to the name Reginald Alfred Bush II and popular professional football player of New Orleans Saints of the National Football League, he is known to the world as Reggie Bush. A former college football player at the University of Southern California, Reggie Bush has played for his college team from 2003 to 2005. In these two years of playing, Reggie Bush has indeed made his name as part of the football history. After setting new records on touchdowns, carries and receptions, he earned several prestigious awards at a young age of 25.

However, it became inevitable for Reggie Bush to face a trial that made a huge impact on his career. A report was made just prior to the 2006 National Football League Draft that Reggie Bush and his family where receiving financial benefits of more than $100,000 from various marketing agents. This issue took four years for the National Collegiate Athletic Association, more commonly known as NCAA, to investigate and look into the issue at depth. It was found founded that violations have been made to the NCAA policies and that Reggie Bush was guilty of receiving financial benefits while he was playing for USC. The benefits included luxury means of transportation and special treatments such as riding a limousine for a specific event, hotel reservations and ticket fares to watch games of the USC. Having found guilty of the charges, Reggie Bush was deemed to be ineligible form the awards that were granted to him during his 2005 football career. One of which was the highly prestige Heisman Trophy. To ward the allegations off and to free himself from further issues, Reggie Bush voluntarily returned the Heisman Trophy last September 14, 2010 and became the first player to have forfeited this award.

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