Why was Pixie fired from LA Ink?

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Why was Pixie fired from LA Ink?

Pixie is one of the shop managers in the TV show entitled LA Ink. This show is aired on The Learning Channel or TLC, where events on tattoo studios are documented particularly at High Voltage Tattoo and American Electric, which are owned by Kat Von D and Craig Jackman respectively. Born to the name Amber Acia, Pixie was the shop manager of LA Ink for the first three seasons. A close friend of Kat Von D, she was believed to be living with the store owner and after a spin off show was offered to feature High Voltage Tattoo, she was hired to be the shop manager.

But after the show ran for three seasons with Pixie Acia as the shop manager, shop owner and close friend, Kat Von D decided to fire her. Kat Von D explained in her blog at MySpace about what transpired that caused Pixie to exit and leave the show permanently. She explained that a serious complication in their relationship had occurred and things became more complicated when Kat Von D became Pixie’s boss. She said being a close friend, co-worker and sister never became a problem between the two of them but even before she decided to pick Pixie to be part of the show, that at some in point in time their friendship would be put to a test in terms of work issues. Kat Von D even pointed out that Pixie was her number choice to be part of the show and anticipated for conflicts to happen but she never did expect that it would be so great that it caused Pixie to get fired and be out of the show.

Kat Von D admitted that losing her friend hurts her up until this time.

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