Why was Maino in jail?

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Rapper Maino has found himself in trouble and in jail and many people are wondering why was Maino in jail. Maino has gone to jail for a period of 10 years. The reason for his incarnation is said to be drug related and also involves kidnapping. At the age of 16 this rapper who goes by the name of Maino found himself behind bars with a sentence of 15 years. After serving 10 years the rapper is now out and free and people are still talking about why was Maino in jail.

Of course no one but Maino and those involved really knows what happens but the public has been led to believe that the reason for Maino being in jail was for kidnapping. This brings up the question of who did Maino kidnap? This seems to be a hard answer to find and on the rapper’s own webpage he does state in his own words that he found himself in the middle of a drug related kidnapping. There is not too much information on the specific of this crime but since it is due to drugs, it is no wonder that some of the information is kept under tight wrap. It is safe to say however that the main reason that Maino spent a decade behind bars is due to kidnapping that have some ties related to drugs. Maino has given many interviews since his release and this can maybe shed some more light onto the specific of the case that wound up leading him to being arrested. Today, however it does seem that due to his imprisonment, many people are now familiar with the name. Could it be said that his time in jail actually helped his career, as people do know the name now. ï»Â¿

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