Why was Jamestown founded?

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Why was Jamestown founded?

Jamestown is one of the most important historical sites in the United States. It was established on May 14, 1607 in the Colony of Virginia. It was the site of the first English settlement in the United States.

History tells us that the place was called as such in honor of King James I of England. When the English settlers landed on Jamestown in 1607 a settlement was established represented by the Englishmen from Virginia Company in London.

There is a major reason why Jamestown was founded. Settlers wanted to gain more wealth and quick profit from gold mining. The settlers also wanted to experience religious freedom and to evade from the taxes being imposed to them in England. They are also confident that they can manage a government of their own.

During the settlement, the settlers encountered many problems such as the climate and the native people. They were not able to adjust with the environment. The settlers experienced famine and death. Within years of settling at the island, which they thought would give them good future, more settlers died leaving Jamestown a barren place.

However, the remaining settlers were saved because aristocrats from London came over to introduce another livelihood ‒ the tobacco plantation. The economy of Jamestown flourished and the fortunes began to thrive. Jamestown was then named as the capital of Virginia. The existence of Jamestown was very dramatic because after the struggles and victory, another problem plagued the place, the Civil War.

The war caused much damage to the place that’s in the late 1800s, some parts of Jamestown were got hold by private entities and the governments to preserve the historical site.

Now, Jamestown was acquired by the National Parks Service. The place was well-preserved that even artifacts and the original structure can even be seen by tourists visiting the place.

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