Why was Ghost Whisperer cancelled?

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Why was Ghost Whisperer cancelled?

Ghost Whisperer, an American supernatural television series, was once a hit show and was aired through CBS network. But after five seasons and a total of 107 episodes the show had finally gone to its grave. After the announcement of the show’s impending cancellation there had been news that ABC studios had plans of reviving” it for season six, however the plan did not come into completion because of money matters.

Ghost Whisperer is about a young woman named Melinda Gordon played by Jennifer Love Hewitt, who possesses the ability to see ghosts and talks to them. She uses her 6th sense to help Earth bound spirits to cross the other side. Other stars that are included in the show are David Conrad (Jim Clancy/Sam Lucas), Aisha Tyler (Andrea Marino), Jay Mohr (Rick Payne), Camryn Manheim (Delia Banks), Tyler Patrick Jones/Christoph Sanders (Ned Banks), Jamie Kennedy (Eli James), and Connor Gibbs (Aiden Lucas).

Ghost Whisperer, which was created by John Gray, premiered on September of 2005 which initially attracted a total of 10.2 million televiewers and an average score of 2.9 among the 18-49 demographic in the US ratings. Season two showed an increase in viewer shares averaging a score of 3.0, while season three did not achieve much with only a total of 2.4 ratings. However, the show bounced back in season four and won the weekly time slot for CBS having a 3.7 viewer shares. When all things seemed to be doing well, season five suddenly went downward receiving its lowest ranking of 1.9 and was not able to rise back on its feet again. Because of the reduced number of viewers and rising cost production, CBS unexpectedly decided the cancellation of the show.

Before the show was totally defunct, its lead actress Jennifer Hewitt was able to say goodbye to the show’s countless fans and as quoted on the tvseriesfinale.com’s website which she said Your love and support has meant everything to the cast and crew of Ghost Whisperer and we will miss you guys very, very much.”

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