Why Was Ellis Island Closed?

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Why Was Ellis Island Closed?

For a long time, Ellis Island has been known as the island that hosted millions of immigrants that wanted to cross over to the United States. It was once called ‘Kioshk, by local Indian tribes. It was also called for a lot of other names like Oyster, Bucking, Dyre, Gibbet and Anderson’s Island. It was an island that was a popular meeting place for pirates (during earlier times), a harbor, ammunition depot, fortified defensive structure and later turned into an immigration center.

The U.S Government at first bought the island due to Military purposes. Ellis Island was fortified into a military defensive station during the Revolutionary War. When the British Naval Fleet managed to sail to New York directly, the U.S Government deemed it to be an important defensive Line to prevent future attacks coming from the Sea. The island was also used to train new recruits due to the increasing threat of the British Army.

World War I knocked on its doors on 1914. The immigration to America and other countries in Europe has closed their borders. Ellis Island became the shelter for those that were not able to go to America and those that were not able to return to their own home countries. It served as a hospital garrison during the war and was believed to have hosted many enemy spies on its premises.

During the war, the Island itself was attacked by a barrage of ammunitions by an unknown group. The island was bombarded by bombs and bullets that hosted sleep ing occupants. Parts of the building were destroyed by the attacks and the staff led the immigrants to safety. It was reported that there were people injured but no severe injuries were present.

The attack has led to the decision to close the immigration entirely. The war ended and the island was turned to a detention center. After a few more years it was closed and been abandoned ever since.

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