Why was Christopher Columbus important?

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When a school going student is asked about the discoverer of America, he will answer as Christopher Columbus. But, Amerigo Vespucci was reported to have set his foot on South America first. The term ‘America, was derived after his name. Most of the Americans and other people remember Columbus as discoverer of America. It is a general tendency of the people to remember Columbus as his name came out first and was heard by people for the first time. The first person who was known to have made a discovery will be remembered well by everyone. The people of ‘firsts’ are given utmost importance like America’s first president, first person to invent telephone and first man on the moon and so on. The first place given for anyone is really important in any industry or profession.

The voyage of Columbus in 1492 was popular as he discovered ‘America, while sailing towards ‘Asia,. Columbus made several voyages to the New World which was considered as Asia by him. His voyage took place on three ships named as ‘the Nina,, ‘the Pinta, and Santa Maria. His second voyage was held in-between 1493 and 1496. He was accompanied with 17 ships and 1200 sailors. While making this trip he found the land of Cuba and could notice the existence of Jamaica, Guadeloupe and Puerto Rico.

However, Columbus was not the first person to discover North America. Vikings were able to inhabit the northern region of North America about hundreds of years before. Columbus is important in this regard as his discovery has led the Europeans to explore North and South America much more in the 1500s. Later, in 1498 Columbus left for a third voyage with the help of 6 ships and started from Spain. He visited Porto Santo which is part of Portuguese land. He later made his fourth voyage with his son and brother through Strait of Malacca to Indian Ocean. He did this with the ships named Capitana, Gallega and Vizcaina and Santiago de Palos in 1502. He was known to have rescued Portuguese soldiers from the Moors. He could explore many places while making these voyages and hence he is important.

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