Why Was Abraham Lincoln Important?


Why Was Abraham Lincoln Important?

Abraham Lincoln is the 16th president of the United States of America f from March of 1861 until April of 1865 when he was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth while he was watching a theater performance on a Good Friday. The play he was watching at that time was ‘Our American Cousin, at the Ford’s Theater. He was a very good man and well remembered by the American people.

He is an important figure not just because he was an American president, the first Republican president for that matter but because he did many great things. These things he did and initiated changed the course of many American lives and because of that, until now, America is living and breathing that freedom and liberty.

He imposed to abolish slavery.

Non-Caucasian people were outcasts and 2nd class citizens. At the old times, if you are not of ‘white, descent then, you are as good as a server, a driver or a person who takes orders from the privileged ones. Often, these slaves are maltreated, oppressed and abused by their masters and that system continued on for so long that people in America have considered it as a regular thing.

President Lincoln saw how that set up is so grossly wrong that when he became president, he created a document Emancipation Proclamation declaring all slaves to be free and then eradicated that way of living. With that, ‘black, people were very happy and delighted. At least, they have their own lives to lead without masters to order them around and make them do what they do not want at most times.

The act, though, angered a lot of American citizens and that same act cost President Lincoln his life. That may have killed him but the act itself was irreversible. Hence, the reason why he is such an important person ‘š if not for him ‘š America would still be different.

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