Why should Natural Resources be conserved?

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Why should Natural Resources be conserved?

It is sensible always to reduce the waste production and conserve the natural resources. Everyone should feel the importance of this planet and much more of its environment. Natural resources have to be conserved as we will need them in the future. The fossil fuels like oil and petrol are necessary for our use in future as their demand is rising day by day. Fossil fuel usage will pollute the environment as well as will help in producing the energy. If natural resources have to be conserved for future purposes, it is necessary for us to search for methods to produce energy like solar power and wind power. The recycling of wastes also can protect our environment and safeguard our natural resources from depletion.

Sometimes it appears that producing energy through conventional methods may not produce much energy which is necessary for the large public. Turning off appliances will save the power and the resources. Today, many trees are being cut down in most of the places. Trees will absorb carbon-di-oxide and release oxygen which is very important for the survival of animals. The carbon-di-oxide which is toxic for the environment is released by the automobiles in large amounts. This gas contributes for the green house effect which generates large amount of heat that can melt the poles. Melting of North and South poles can result in destruction of life. Trees help in reducing the harmful gas carbon-di-oxide in the atmosphere and purify the environment. So, felling of trees should be stopped and these resources should be conserved.

Natural resources are very limited and it is essential for everyone to make use of them properly and not waste them. It is compulsory to preserve the resources as they are essential for our coming generations too. Exhaustion of resources will cause severe problems for the future generations and the mankind tends to get ruined.

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