Why Should Juveniles Be Tried As Adults?

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Why Should Juveniles Be Tried As Adults?

It is widely said in the justice and legal world: Ignorance of the law excuses no one. Even if you are rich or poor, educated or deprived, young or old ‘š it does not matter. From birth, we were told by our parents of what is wrong and right. We are supposed to be conscious of the fact that as human beings, we cannot do acts that can harm yourself and other people. That is if you are a rational being, free of psychological problems. (Clinically insane people are to be given special care for they do not know what they are doing ‘š and with that said, a lot of people pose as being insane but still, they do not succeed.)

This saying must be implemented even to those who are young or below the age of majority. Let’s say, you have a 15 year old son who knows that rape is a serious criminal offense. But due to his manly urges and desire to try the act, he preys on your neighbor, a frail 6 year old girl. The girl has suffered trauma and now cannot live a normal life because of that. Should he be tried as an adult for raping a little girl? I say yes!

While that may be a gruesome punishment, being a young person should not excuse him of his action. If the rapist were 25 years old, he would have gotten the maximum sentence. But as a young man, 15 years of age, he will be sentenced to probation or a stay in a juvenile facility. Is that fair to the victim? No it is not. Depending upon the gravity of the offense, a young person must be tried as an adult so that the youth will think twice about breaking the law and hurting the people in their community.

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