Why Should Homework Be Banned?


Why Should Homework Be Banned?

Homework is one of the headaches for students from primary to tertiary level. However, it is also very advantageous because it teaches students to be responsible enough when it comes to practicing the things that they are thought in school. But, there have been debates between students themselves about getting homework banned.

Come to think of it, why really homework should be banned? Well there can be several reasons behind it. One of the most practical reasons is that when a student got home, they can be tasked to so various home chores. Therefore their time for preparing their homework could be their time to do their chores.

Another possible reason is that their time to prepare their homework may be their time to relax and revitalize their mindset in brain storming lesson at school. Most people even the old ones needs to relax and unwind so they can perform well in their job. So as for the students who are just in their starting point in learning.

On the contrary, it is understandable that it makes a student responsible and do their duty with less supervisory. Nonetheless, through the perfect guidance of their parents or guardians at home, they can surely put some of the education and information that they have learned in school into practice. For instance, they had learned something in their scientific experimentation in school about making floor wax then they can also make it at home with their parents.

Lack of research sources at home is also one of the reasons behind getting homework banned. People always believe that they can research almost anything through the use of internet, but what about other students who don’t have computer and internet connection at home. Yes, this can be very possible these days, especially that there are more and more families who are really having a hard time in spending for their daily expenses.

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