Why Should God Bless America?

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Why Should God Bless America?

There is a song God Bless America which was sung by church choir members from Ohio, and Springfield. Hence, in this case, the lyrics were obviously rewritten. God Bless America is supposed to be The Land that I Love or Home Sweet home. But this version was then condemned the entire country.

God Bless America song had received positive response from the republicans who were known as very conservative. The song says that America should be blessed because she forgotten that she exist and has turned its back to almost everything that made her what she is in the present. It also implies that America is Sinful so this song likely asking for forgiveness and to heal their land.

This song also reveals what had happened in the previous centuries which come out very wrong. These things includeÃ’šÃ‚  teaching children to make their own rules because they are their own god now and the legalization of abortion and euthanasia in the country which means that they can be authorized to put a person to death once they are on a comatose for weeks or months. This song likely implies that America is crowded with rules of people that have no Faith and fear to God.

Why Should God Bless America song is very inspiring and an eye opener to most people, even the ones that are not American and are acting like they have no fear in God. It is nice to gain freedom, however even though you are free, you should never ever forget your God and your Faith in Him.

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