Why should Animals have rights?

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Why should Animals have rights?

Animals also have a role in the human society. In the beginning stages of civilization, animals were killed for getting food. As the civilization progressed the skin of animals were used for clothing and shelter. Their bones were used for making tools. Animals were later used for performing activities that are useful for our survival. They were used for carrying the weights, for transport and for other domestic purposes. Farmers, pet owners, animal breeders, research scientists and zoo keepers make use of animals. Some countries like United States have laws which enforce anti-cruelty to make the humans to treat the animals with care.

But, some people think that the association between animals and humans should be altered. They say that interference of man in the lives of animals is not correct. This was the concept behind running the agitation due to animal rights movement”. People who are in favor of this concept do not encourage the use of animals for clothing, food, as pets, for sports riding or racing, in medical research and in testing of product safety. There are several cultures in the world at various locations in different countries. Each of these cultures has their own vision of social values. Killing animals to one group might be not an offence while to the others it will be an offence. For example, Hindus worship cows while many people eat cows.

Speciesism is really not humane. If the intelligence and cognitive abilities are those that separate man from other species, then all human beings are not equally intelligent. Then the smartest person should have higher moral and legal rights than the mentally disabled one. But, we give importance to the life of all types of human beings ranging from those being highly cognitive to a mentally retarded person. Sometimes the intelligence of human beings will not match with that of the animals like dogs, elephants and horses. So, there is no point in snatching away the rights of animals based on the concept of Speciesism. Giving undue suffering to someone who cannot tolerate is morally not acceptable. Even animals suffer from pain. So, animals should have right to live and lead their lives.

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