Why Should Abortion Be Legal?


url-1Why legalize abortion?

Mass-rapes of Bangladeshi women during the 1971 by the Pakistani military and the militias, was a good reason for allowing impregnated victims to have abortion to get rid of unwanted babies.

Unhappy life awaits unwanted children:

Children are unwelcome and unloved; many grow up amidst miserable conditions deprived not only of economic but also social and emotional needs. Many lack proper education and are fresh baits for exploitation by evil men. With a bleak future that lacks opportunity for redemption, and then could abortion be a better option? Of course, this would be considered as the last resort if there is absolutely no hope for a better life.

However, not all abortions are taboo and illegal.

Reasons to legalize abortion:

1. Many desperate women die if abortion is illegal. When a woman believes that abortion is her only solution to unwanted pregnancy, she will go to an abortionist who will perform the task in secret, without proper medical care. It is estimated that almost a million women per year had illegal abortion. Thousands die, other tens of thousands were mutilated and they behaved as if they were criminals.

2. Banning abortion proliferate illegal practice. When woman feels the necessity of an abortion, she does it in secret, without proper medical care and in dangerous circumstances. In the last two 20 years before abortion was legalize in the U.S., a yearly estimate million of women had illegal abortions.

3. Legal abortion serves to protect women’s health. Abortion performed in the illegal venues might led to life-threatening disorders such as heart & kidney diseases, serious case of hypertension, sickle-cell type of anemia, diabetes, and disorders that are the aftermath or complications after undergoing childbirth done in the dark.

4. A woman is more than a fetus. A woman is a human being so her rights are greater equal but this is subject to tremendous spectrum of arguments for ages from the religious, philosophical, scientific, and medical grounds. Fortunately, the present society recognized each woman the right to her own decision, based on her own conscience.

5. Not all women are necessarily mothers for motherhood is just one of her choices. The human female species spent years and sweated blood & tears to achieve political and economic equality. These victories are worthless if reproductive freedom is denied them.

6. Outlawing abortion is discriminatory especially against low-income women. Only the rich can afford a hidden abortion that is safe for the poor can only afford dangerous self-induced or back-alley abortions.

7. If abortion is illegal, more children will bear children. In fact, 40% 14-year-old girls are doomed to become pregnant before they turn 20. This could happen to your daughter or someone else close to you. Due to ignorance, lack of guidance, poor environment and unfortunate circumstances, should young girls be consigned to a life sentence of becoming a mother?

Abortion is legal and even moral: For reasons of health or forced pregnancy as rape, proper authorities allow abortion. There are also programs that mist reduce incidence of unwanted pregnancies before they happen. Both the government and many private institutions offer: (1) family planning counseling: (2) sex education; and (3) use of contraception for those who wish it.

Women choices: Those anti-abortionists want women to return to the days she had few choices in controlling her future. They consider abortion as an abuse of freedom that even the use of contraception is too liberating. Women cannot be trusted to make their own decisions.

Women can now select their own paths in society, including when and whether to have children. Family planning, contraception, and, if need be, legal abortion are critical to sustaining women’s freedom.

Author: Lourdes Cedeno

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  1. jennifer

    December 3, 2014 11:24 am

    to me I am both against it and for it bc if a woman gets raped and she aint where she can get an abortion and I am against it bc at the age of 2 weeks they already have fingernail but just to get and abortion to get it that’s not acceptable lol just sayin


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