Why is Venice under water?

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Why is Venice under water?

The historic city of Venice was under waters in the November, 2009 due to a meteorological depression along with natural tide waters. The center that monitors the tides was saying that 45 percent of the city of Renaissance was filled with lagoon which has risen to a height of 131 centimeters. This city was found to be flooded with waters for about fifty times during the period between 1993 and 2002. Earlier, a large mishap regarding filling of Venice with waters happened way back in November, 1966. The city of Venice was observed at that time to have gone inside waters in the height of about 1.94 meters. It was reported that in the year 1986 and in the month of February, this height of the city in waters was 1.58 meters. In the year 2008, December the height of the city in waters was 1.56 meters.

The city of Venice was facing the problem of sea level rise. They planned a program to counter the flooding event by raising the height of the buildings in the city. They have also planned recently to raise the buildings at the bottom using a piston supported poles. The piston would lift up the building to a certain height whenever the problem of flooding arises. This operation was called as Rialto”. The international cultural organization of United Nations, UNESCO announced in April, 2007 that the city of Venice was considered as one of the locations which were affected by the severe changes in the climatic conditions.

Recently in the year 2008, the city was battling with the tides in the sea which were at the height of 1.36 meters above sea level. These sea waters were observed to have flooded more than half of the city including the St. Mark’s Square. A $5.5 billion project which was named as Moses” was started to construct barriers in order to stop the waters that are raising high above. This project was expected to be completed by the year 2011. This project would help the city of Venice to be protected from the high tides.

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