Why Is TV Bad?

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Entertainment news in America acclaimed that domestic boxoffice revenues are achieving to new heights; however, the majority prefers to save money and just watch television. Although no one would deny the power of the internet and other competing entertainment technologies on the scene; but according to a new study, TV remains extremely popular in the United States. Parents may not be aware that by the time the child reaches 14; on an average, he has witnesses more than 11,000 murders on television.

Television is not reality:

Television has the greatest influence as the forerunner in the world of entertainment; yet stories inside the tube that are followed by millions of viewers are a lopsided presentation of life. Much of what you see in your TV is a disillusionment of what to expect from reality. Yet, it plays a key role on people’s expectations of love, romance, and sex.

When you watch TV, you enter an unrealistic world and interact with imaginary characters. Viewer’s behavior and emotions show more concern for people on TV screen than problematic people living actual lives outside that they could have extended help.

Television and kids

Kids are very easily influenced by their surroundings. Have you observed how children imitate TV shows of the violence and mimic the aggressive nature of their superheroes or developed fear after watching horrible series? By patronizing TV commercials of high-calorie, low-nutrient foods, children developed poor eating habits. Kids spend most of their leisure time in front of the television instead of reading, studying, learning, playing, and/or exercising. Being immature, children cannot fully fathom news and stories about alcohol, drugs, smoking and sexual behavior.

Parents can overcome the harmful results of television watching by monitoring the type of programming and limiting the amount of time a child stays in front of the tube.

The harmful effects of TV:

1. An escape from reality –

Excessive watching of TV becomes a safe haven to escape an unhappy life. In front of the tube and immersed in the characters, you forget your problem as you live the life of the protagonists. Avid TV watchers view television for hours and end up wrapped inside the lives of others as it becomes their entire life. They wasted their lives and energies in useless pursuit of lives not their own rather than spend time improving their own lives.

2. Harmful health effects:

TV watching is inactivity, and inactivity is linked with the problem in obesity and heart disease A recent study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health proved that watching too much television increases the risk of developing obesity and type 2 diabetes. It is the wrong setting for people to sit for hours watching TV munching all kinds of junk food and sipping sweet beverages.

3. Become an addiction:

Becoming a TV addict is not different from those in the rehabilitation centers trying in cold turkey to withdraw from the habit. Since TV watching is easily accessible, gives pleasure and a good method to forget life’s problems, you will continue watching one show after the other day by day until it becomes a bad habit.

4. Stop thinking ability:

Quick information, opinion, analysis, criticism and about everything are supplied by TV. Viewers do not think any more as they can easily get information in the tube. When people stop using their brains, they are misinformed and easily manipulated. People keep their precious belongings from thieves but they do not realize that by becoming a TV addict, they are opening the door of their mind, their biggest asset, for easy picking.

5. Waste precious time watching:

You waste precious hours of the day watching television that you could have spent doing useful activities. Surveys reveal that people in the Western world spend from 5 to 10 hours daily in front of their tube. Life on earth is short; live your life to the fullest by doing meaningful and useful activities not sitting in front of a talking device.

Recapitulation why TV is bad:

To say it bluntly, people’s neurophysiological responses, illness susceptibility, confusing vision and blind submission to external imagery are the fruits reaped from watching television. In other words, television is bad. The best suggestion for you is to unplug the set, place it at the highest area atop your cabinet so it is too much trouble to get, pretend it never existed and learn to live without it. Instead, look out of your window to gaze at the warm sun, enjoy the colorful array of flowers and then relish real food on your table not the one shown in the commercials. Life will become a lot sweeter and healthier!.

Author: Lourdes Cedeno

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