Why is transpiration important ?

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Why is transpiration important ?

Transpiration means the loss of water through evaporation and refers to trees specially. Question might arise that why the transpiration is important. Transpiration is important for both humans as well as plants. To be more precise transpiration is inevitable if the total eco system is to exist.

A look into the photosynthesis process would help to understand this fact more clearly. In photosynthesis process plants make their food for themselves using chlorophyll at the presence of sunlight. In this process plants inhale carbon dioxide from the air and exhales oxygen into the air. But the plants can not directly exhale oxygen into the air. Instead the plants using the transpiration process exhales water in the form of vapor that releases oxygen in to the air. And as we, the humans inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, the balance of the eco system runs its natural process and transpiration is responsible for keeping this universal process intact. It helps the balance of the eco system to maintain smooth transition in the cycle of eco system and helps to keep the weather suitable for human civilization.

Transpiration process helps in other causes too. As in agricultural field it contributes to help the scientists study about the improvement of farming. The vapor that is got from the crop and vegetable trees through transpiration process helps to determine the quality of the soil to grow certain crops and vegetables. As a result transpiration process marks its importance in many of the sector. It not only help the plants to survive but also the whole planet in one way or another by interlinking with aspects like the above things.

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