Why is Thomas Edison important

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Why is Thomas Edison important

When thinking about Thomas Edison, people usually get the idea of a man with a light bulb. Yes, that is the closest depiction that one can give in describing who Thomas Alva Edison is. However, it is not just the light bulb that he invented. All in all, it was said that he had a collection of 1,093 patents in the United States, and many more other inventions in countries like France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Most of his creations were related to the development of mass communication, specifically in the field of telecommunications. Others include batteries, motion pictures, phonograph, sound recording, cement mining, electric power and lights to name a few.

Thomas Edison was only 22 years old when he received his first patent, but it does not end there. According to biographers, Edison was able to amass government grant for his inventions every two weeks all throughout his career. Several expert views that it is not just Edison’s creative mind that made him and his inventions popular; it was also due to his marketing skills that made him truly admired by people until now. The use of teamwork and mass production are also credited to Edison, he was able to apply these principles which was evident in the establishment of his very first industrial research laboratory at Menlo Park, New Jersey (which was later named after him as a tribute).

Often coined as the wizard of Menlo Park”, Edison is one of the most exceptional inventors that ever lived too great that he is legendary. His inventions extremely changed the way people lived and continuously affect the whole world. Some of his inventions were too advanced during his time that unfortunately led to its termination like the electric car and talking dolls (or stuffed toys) which are surprisingly popular at the present time. He was a persistent and hardworking inventor, businessman, and scientist that left us a thought-provoking statement that goes genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration”.

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