Why is the skeletal system important?

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The skeletal system of the body consists of bones. The tissues like ligaments, cartilage, and tendons are present connecting the bones in the body. The teeth also form a part of the skeletal system; although they are bones, they are not defined as a major part of the skeletal framework of the body. The main function of the skeletal system is to give strong support to the body. The absence of a skeleton in the body, if imagined, would give us a picture of the body as a heap of mass. Hence, the skeletal system provides support.

Another function of the skeletal system is that it protects the internal organs present in the body. The body tissues that are weak and fragile are protected by the skeletal system. The organs like the lungs, heart, spinal cord, eyes, and brain are protected by this system. The eyes and brain are protected by the cranium or skull. The lungs and heart are protected by the ribs. The spinal cord is protected by the vertebrae.

Other important function of the skeletal system is the movement of the body. The bones that form the skeletal system attach to the muscles that surround them. This will aid the body in making all types of movements. The muscles are attached to the bones with the help of tendons. Babies after they are born will have around 300 bones. As the baby grows, the small bones fuse together to form 206 bones in the adult.

The joints in the body are made by the joining of bones. Every bone has in its ends a smooth substance known as cartilage. These cartilage-covered bones in the joints are connected by a thin layer of fluid that is slippery in nature called synovial fluid. This fluid acts like the oil in the car which helps in lubrication. This arrangement is present to help the bones not to scratch or toggle with one another during the body’s movements. These bones are made to exist together with the help of ligaments. The height of the body is reached with the growth of the bones. The skeletal system is important as it allows our body to stand upright.

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