Why is Superman better than Batman?

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Why is Superman better than Batman?

Famous for his label The Man of Steel, this fictional character named Superman has incredibly invaded the world and greatly captured the hearts of many, especially the ladies. As an American icon starting from 1938 and the years after, Superman has been known for his blue, yellow and red costume with a huge letter S imprinted on his chest, along with a flowing red cape. Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster and published by DC Comics, this fictional superhero slowly hiked from being a character in comics to newspapers, radio serials, programs, films and games. The contemporary fictional superhero character of Superman is Batman. Batman was created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger in 1939. Also known as The Dark Knight, projects a sophisticated character behind an alias of Bruce Wayne. Although his identity as Batman is being deprived of supernatural powers, Batman utilizes his intellect, skills and strength to overpower and defeat the evil ones.
However, many have been arguing that Superman is better than Batman. Although Batman was once proclaimed to be the best superhero among all others, many believe that Superman is far better than Batman. The reason is that Superman has a humane character. His value for respect, humility and life made him exude a positive character that is well emanated from by others. Another reason is that Superman is fixed to live a normal human being’s life where the need to work and suffice oneself is perceived. Also, Superman knows how to ease things out in the most legal way. He does not take advantage of his ability of being a superhero for the sake of his own welfare.
The light positive character of Superman makes him a lot better of a superhero compared to Batman.

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