Why is stretching good for you?

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Stretching is a means of elongating muscle fibers to achieve optimum physical performance. Physical therapists, trainers, and health experts always promote stretching because it provides various benefits to the body.

Stretching is good for the body in many ways. One benefit of stretching is the increase in flexibility and joint range of motion. By constant elongation of muscles through proper techniques, one’s flexibility will be improved. Stretching must be done regularly and progressively in order to achieve more flexibility. The muscles and soft tissues will literally adjust to the stretching techniques and will elongate over time owing to the increased joint range of motion that also results from stretching the muscles.

It is also highly recommended that people do some stretching exercises before doing any rigorous physical activity such as engaging in sports or working out. Stretching the muscles will help warm them up and prepare them for increased activity later. Warmer muscles done by stretching will also lead to less muscle damage and injuries. Peak performance may also be achieved by people who work out or do sports if their body is properly warmed up through stretching.

Some people also do stretching for other reasons like relief of pain in the lower back and also to improve overall health. Yoga sessions, for example, incorporate lots of stretching techniques which help provide flexibility, strength, and inner peace. During yoga, muscles are stretched by the different positions involved in the exercise. While some muscles are stretched, they are also being strengthened at the same time. This explains why many people like to join yoga classes as it promotes both muscle strength and joint flexibility in a single session or workout. Other people, meanwhile, are into stretching exercises to improve posture. With all of these benefits from stretching, experts always consider it a good activity whenever a person gets bored.


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