Why is Spiderman being rebooted?

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Spiderman is a famous comic book character that was featured in several movies in recent times.  One of the mos recent movies starring Spiderman was released back in 2002.  The film was simply titled Spider-Man and went on to become a box office hit worldwide.  This particular movie presented the character of Spiderman and his alter ego Peter Parker based on its beginnings in the comic book format.  With the success of the movie, two more Spiderman films were released afterwards.  These movies were Spiderman 2 released in 2004 and Spiderman 3 released in 2007.  The story from the first movie basically continued on as a series up to the third movie with Tobey Maguire playing the lead role and Sam Raimi as director. By the year 2010, a 4th movie was planned by Sony Pictures and Marvel studios but apparently Sam Raimi was not satisfied with the supposed script.  Both and the lead actor Tobey Maguire were supposed to be part of the 4th instalment.  The plan didn’t materialize though because of Raimi’s opposition to the script.  Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios eventually decided to produce a 4th movie but this time with a new director and new lead actor.  Along with the changes in the people involved in the movie, the studio decided to have a reboot of Spiderman’s character instead of continuing with the storyline of the previous three movies.

Reboots of movie characters or films are said to be very tricky when it comes to box office success.  For the Spiderman character, the last movie in 2007 was quite recent.  For movie experts, rebooting Spiderman after only a few years maybe too early.  Sony and Marvel still went on to produce the 4th movie with Marc Webb as the new director and Andrew Garfield chosen as the new lead actor.  The fourth film entitled “The Amazing Spiderman” was eventually released and officially rebooted in July of 2012.  This reboot proved critics wrong and went on to be a worldwide success.  A second instalment of the movie is even in the works for release in 2014.

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