Why is soccer called soccer?

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The football was invented by the British, and its complete name is Association football. This game is commonly called football while it was given a nickname by the English as soccer. This has been done by the English to separate it from the rugby football. The word “soccer” formed a short reference to the term “associated football.” Football is called soccer mostly in the countries where the other forms of football are played.

In the United States, there is a game by the name of American football or Gridiron. In Australia, they have a game called Australian football or Aussies rules football. The Irish people play Gaelic football. Canadians play Canadian football. Except for Gaelic football, all other games have the ball in the shape of an oval. But Association football is more popular than all other games. In fact, in the early days of this sport when it began, it was called soccer. The Association football was changed slowly into soccer. Students might have distinguished the football from rugby football and named this sport as soccer. The English school boys have the tendency of adding er to many words. They called Rugby football as rugby, and later it got converted to rugger. The name Association football later evolved into soccer. The name soccer was easy for the school boys to pronounce.

The word soccer is almost printed in the minds of people who look at this game as the modern game of Association football. The football played by the British was played in the exotic colleges, universities, and schools. Right from the Victorian era till now the students liked to have nicknames. The name soccer was very much accepted by people. They called the sport this name every day. This sport was considered to be played by gentlemen.

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