Why is Snow cold?

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Why is Snow cold?

In other parts of the world, rain is in the form of snow. Snow is frozen water that’s why it is solid. Snow is cold because it is formed in a very low temperature. To further understand why snow is cold, below is the discussion of the formation of snow.

Snow can be formed in an atmosphere having freezing environment or very low temperature, usually less than 0 degree Celsius. When the water evaporates, the cold temperature will turn the gas into ice rather than rain. Tiny crystals will form together in the clouds. When these crystals become heavy they will drop from the clouds. If the temperature of the air is cold from the sky to the ground is cold, then the crystals will fall as snow instead of rain. But if the atmosphere gets warmer as the crystals drop, the rain will not form into snow.

Sometimes, higher altitude can experience rain than on the grounds because high places are much colder. To put it simply, snow is cold because it can only be formed during freezing temperature. If there is a slight change in temperature such as a two-degree increase, then snow will not be possible.

There are also places that have very cold temperature but snow could not be felt. This is because the freezing point is not achieved. The amount of solar energy also determines the formation of snow. Tropical countries do not experience snow because of its location. The sun always occurs in this country thus contributing to the higher temperature. Moreover, countries on the northern latitude usually encounter snow because of its climatic conditions.

Snow has a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius or lower. Normal body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius. This explains that snow is cold because its temperature is lower than human’s body’s temperature.

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