Why is Snape the half blood prince?


Why is Snape the half blood prince?

Severus Snape is one of the fictional characters in the Harry Porter series written by J.K. Rowling. The mother of Snape was called as Eileen Prince and his father was Tobias snape. One of his parents was wizard and the other is not. Snape’s father was muggle and his mother was a magical woman. As he was the product of a witch and a muggle, he named himself as half blood prince inheriting the surname of his mother. Snape received the maiden name of her mother. Snape was portrayed as if he was very happy to be called as Half blood prince. Snape named himself as half blood prince and nobody attempted to name him as such.

Snape was found to have an idea of dissociating himself from his family name. Probably snape did not like his father as his father used to frighten his mother. Snape would not have liked to carry his father’s name further in his name and include only his mother’s name. Snape was a half-blood slytherin. In the first novel of the whole series ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone,, snape was shown as a villain. As the series of books kept on describing the story, snape was gradually portrayed as loyal. This character appears to have many layers and is very complicated. Snape’s true character was revealed in the last book of the series named as ‘Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows,. Snape is dealt in all the 7 novels of the series. These novels have shown Snape as powerful wizard. He was a potion teacher and he was specialized in potion making. He was known to have tremendous talent and passion for Dark Arts.

As Snape’s parents were always fighting with each other he decided to leave home and reach Hogwarts, which is a school of witch craft. At the end, Harry compares his childhood with that of Snape’s and voldemort’s. The name Half-blood prince was the name used by Rowling to explain about Snape.

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