Why is school important?

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Why is school important?

School is important because it serves as the foundation of our education. Whether it is for elementary education, secondary or tertiary, school plays a vital role in the progress of every society.

School is where you gain knowledge about the world around us and as we all know, ‘knowledge is power,. When we learn things, we develop perspectives and ideals about life. Accompanied by experience, knowledge helps develop our opinions and standpoint. It also gives us the wisdom to distinguish what is right from wrong, fact or fiction.

Being educated makes us civilized. Having a set of rules as standards keep us from killing each other and knowing what is right prevents us from doing what is wrong. Instead of resorting to violence, we resort to the laws of the constitution.

Schools have systematic teaching methods. They follow specific curriculums which differ depending on the level of the student, to tackle all fields of education such as math, science, language and reading, social studies and culture, history, music and physical education. It is only inside the school where you will learn that the earth is a spherical shaped planet which revolves around the sun and not vice versa.

School allows you to socialize and meet other people. When you go to school, you meet other children your age. You learn how to blend in and socialize with them. Some will become your classmates while others become your life-long friends.

School teaches practical life skills. Inside the school you learn to respect one another, listen to other people’s opinions and share your own. Teamwork and cooperation can be developed during playtime and school activities while obedience, responsibility and multi-tasking is taught through giving assignments and projects.

School keeps you pre-occupied while you learn. Imagine what you would do if you weren’t in school? I bet you’re at home watching television or playing by yourself. It’s fun but as time goes by, it becomes boring. In school, you enjoy while learning. You get to play with others while enhancing your knowledge. Now isn’t that much fun?

In conclusion, school is very important because this is where we build ourselves up, with the proper knowledge and skills needed to face the big world ahead.

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