Why is Richard Nixon a bad president?

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Why is Richard Nixon a bad president

A nation could not stand without a leader. On the other hand, a leader could not direct his nation to progress if he has no integrity and honesty. In the case of Richard Nixon, the 37th USA president, a lot of controversies have clouded his administration that’s why he was branded as a bad president during his time.
To analyze the leadership performance of Nixon, he may have done something good to his people such getting America out of Vietnam. For the former president, this move is not a symbol of surrender but of practicality. His motive was to reduce the casualty rates of American troops since there is no way that Vietnam will win the war.
Although this intension of the president was decent, still a lot of people had rallied against him. This was the reason why he was investigated for his other malicious” acts.
Richard Nixon had been in politics since 1947. He was a member of the House of representatives, became a senator, a vice president twice, and the president of USA. With this span of time, he had been accused of performing unnecessary actions such as unlawful governance and corruption. His inconsistency and contradictory ways were perceived by his people as enigmatic, something difficult to fathom.
Nixon had also prioritized more of foreign affairs issues such as warfare reforms rather than concentrating to the needs of his country. He had spent a lot of money in his travels that creating projects for domestic programs. He had the power to control his cabinets because of his influence.
Richard Nixon was also the first president who visited Russia and China which are known to be the greatest enemies of the US.
The most controversial issue thrown to Nixon was the Watergate scandal. Through this historical event, a lot of discrepancies were exposed during the administration of Nixon which includes corruption, fraud, manipulation, etc. Because of his impeachment, Nixon resigned from presidency in 1974.

Why is Richard Nixon a bad president

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