Why is Public Health important?

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Why is Public Health important?

From the initial stages of human civilization, it was felt that waste and polluted water could transmit many diseases. The religious beliefs and customs have restricted many of the forbidden actions like developing illegal sexual relations, drinking alcohol and eating good food. Governments were established which could take care of the public health policies to understand and eradicate the disease causes. The government was expected to maintain order, stability and prosperity in the society.

In earlier days, proper diversion of human wastes was considered to be an important aspect to protect the public health in the urban areas. Later, vaccination using natural vaccines was made compulsory for certain diseases like small pox. Later in 14th century clearing the dead bodies was considered as another method to stop the spread of bacterial infection. Epidemiology was improved gradually and the public health care in modern era started from 1880.

As the infectious diseases started to get reduced in the 20th century, the modern era of public health focused on chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease and cancers. Public health programs are more important as they aim to prevent the diseases rather than treating them. Public health enhances the good behavioral attitudes in the public. In the case of infectious diseases that have conquered a group of people, public health concentrates on treatment of the infectious diseases. This will prevent the spread of these diseases to others through contaminated water and food. Extensive vaccination programs for the children and adults as well as controlling the illegal sexual contacts are some of the initiatives followed by public health.

In developing countries, it is essential for the government to carry out public health with utmost care. This is because many diseases and mortality rates spread majorly among poor people. The developing nations do not also have the capacity to hire the required trained health workers or enough resources to provide medical care to the public. Keeping your hands always clean and maintaining hygiene during food intake can prevent the spread of many diseases. This is the simple way of practicing the public health.

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