Why is Poverty a social problem?

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Why is Poverty a social problem?

Poverty is a state of the people in the society which does not allow them to be part of many social activities. Poverty can be said as social problem as people experienced poverty previously because of colonialism, slavery, war and conquest. Many of the jobs demand for minimum education to be possessed by the employees, in the society. This is difficult to be achieved by a poor man. Primarily, the gap between haves’ and have-nots’ exists because of unequal distribution of the resources. This has to be taken care of by the government. The government should be able to provide minimum facilities for the poor people to enable them to compete with the public in terms of their survival. It is essential for the poor to develop the skills of interacting with the people in the society and try to uplift themselves. It is an opinion of some of the poor people that it was their own choice that kept them in poverty. They did choose to opt for the job which kept them economically backward than the one which would have made them rich. This tells us that there is somewhere a relation that exists between poverty and society.

We need to accept that it is inevitable for a person to mingle with all types of people in the society in order to carry out his job. This art of co-operating others and getting help from others is necessary for us to some extent to keep up economically good in the society. Poverty is certainly a social and economical problem. On an average, if a person is graduated from a high school, gets any job to do and gets married and has children, he is said to be not poor. Though he may not be economically very well, but one who has the above status will be treated properly in the society. So, it is necessary for the government to solve this social problem of poverty by providing education to all the poor people. This will make the craps in the society also to come up in their lives and compete for the race of survival of the fittest’.

Author: Hari M

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