Why is poetry difficult?

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Poetry refers to some literary work that gives special emphasis on emotions through style, choice of words, and paragraph structure.  With poetry, emotions like love, hate, and fear may be represented with other words and phrases to give a special highlight on the subject or meaning of the literary work.

Not all people are fond of poetry, though.  Despite the rhyming words and the artistic expression of sentences, many people think that poetry is quite a difficult thing to write and understand.  One probable reason behind this concern is the indirect representation of objects or emotions in a particular poem, for example.  One simple thought may be stretched out into several lines and paragraphs for the sake of artistic expression.  Not all people easily understand phrases and sentences that are supposed to be a representation of other things or meanings.  A simple fact that is not stated directly and is instead given extra words and adjectives just to emphasize a certain emotion can be difficult to comprehend.  For this reason, some people do not actually understand the words and phrases and, therefore, conclude that dealing with poetry is difficult.

Some people also point out the lack of poetry’s relevance to the fast-paced life of today.  With the advent of technology and so-called fast-food and fast services, people want to have brief and concise information.  Since most people are busy with their everyday tasks, not many are also receptive or more responsive to information that is laid out in an indirect fashion.  With poetry’s longer sentences and seemingly endless paragraphs involved in presenting a simple idea, some people just don’t have the time to absorb all the details involved.  Many people also consider the details involved in poetry as unnecessary and difficult to digest.  People today are already faced with many stressful issues and concerns and are not interested in the difficulties presented with ideas that are difficult to understand contained in poetry.

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