Why is physical fitness important?

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Everyone knows and understands that being physically fit is definitely useful for us. Let us probe now into the aspect of why physical fitness is very important. There are several benefits for keeping the body fit. Doing exercise regularly is known to decrease the risk of conditions like high cholesterol, some forms of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes from data in a research study that was conducted during a period of about 8 years involving 20,000 people. From this study it was estimated that those who were thin and not fit physically were two times more at risk of facing mortality than those who were thin and physically fit. So it is understood that fitness can make the person live longer and be healthy.

Regular exercise is found to provide more energy and make people more active in their daily life. The stamina and strength will increase by doing exercise regularly. Common daily activities such as carrying  grocery items, climbing the stairs are some of the regular activities that are performed effortlessly if the body is kept fit. Physical fitness helps the person to burn the excess fat from the body. If the weight loss is achieved only by dieting, then the lean muscle mass and body water content also will be lost rather than the body fat. But regular physical exercise will help the body to lose excess fat and will allow the body to retain the lean muscle mass. The strength of the bones can also be maintained properly by physical fitness.

The intensive back pain and pain in the lower back especially can be corrected by just practicing appropriate regular exercise. Exercise has the capability to enhance the body’s immunity and make the person be more resistant towards disease. Hence, the person will seldom become sick. The person will also be able to sleep better if he or she does regular exercise. The physical fitness helps the person to keep their mental state strong, healthy, and active. This will make the person experience a joyful and peaceful life.

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