Why is Olympia the capital of Washington?

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Why is Olympia the capital of Washington?

Olympia is the seat of the local government of the county Thurston in the state of Washington. Declared to be Washington’s capital on January 28, 1859, Olympia is known to be the major cultural center of Puget Sound region, which is a complex system of estuaries that serve as interconnected waterways for waterborne commerce.

The name Olympia was coined a man named Isaac N. Ebey. He suggested of this name because at a clear day, the Olympic Mountains can be viewed majestically. The site was first settled in by Americans who developed the town in a New England style. Having an access to Puget Sound, Olympia was privileged to be welcome the first Custom House and later became the seat of the county Thurston. Soon, the town of Olympia welcomed immigrants as developments were rising as well as maritime commerce was rapidly established. And when Washington Territory was formed, Olympia became its capital city. As the city soared even before Washington was declared a state, productive changes were already occurring within the town of Olympia. In the 20th century, the city continued to grow and prosper being highly influenced by the effects of World War I and the growth of the population and state. And up until the end of the 20th century, Olympia unceasingly grew in the economic, political and social perspectives. With an awe-inspiring broad vision Olympia holds for the 21st century, being Washington’s capital is not a fact to be questioned. Despite the calamities that Olympia has recently experienced, it does affect how it stands today in the society. In true light, what Olympia holds today serves as legacy and is indeed a strong evidence of why the city of Olympia is proclaimed the capital of the State of Washington.

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