Why is OHS important?

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Why is OHS important?

OHS or Occupational Health and Safety aims to give security to the people who are in employed in terms of their health, welfare, and safety.  This is a cross-disciplinary area defined by the International Labor Organization and the World Health Organization as a standard to promote and maintain the physical, social, and mental condition of any workers in any occupation.

OHS is important because it protects all laborers and employers from harm and health risks caused by their occupations.  In every working environment, it needs to be safe and conducive to the workers so that there will be a productive output from the workers.  If all men can adapt to his work, then there would be a better employment and service.

Another benefit of OHS is the protection of the family members and other members of the society within the working environment. It is not only the worker who is being considered for safety but also the co-workers, suppliers, employers, customers, who also contribute to the workplace.

The reasons for creating occupational health and safety are listed below:

  1. It may impose fees or fines to employer or organization that does not provide healthy work place.  An organization that does not follow the implied moral obligations for the employees and workers provided by the occupational health and safety may be given penalties as stated in civil law or criminal law.
  2. It recognizes potential hazards and risks faced by workers in an occupation thus providing health measures and safety procedures for the benefit and security of the workers.
  3. It requires organization to do its duty in providing health and safety training to its employees to lessen injuries, illnesses, property damage, legal liability, and other work-related issues.

Every country has its own provision of occupational health and safety but one thing is for sure, OHS is very important to promote a safe environment for the workers and the enterprise.

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