Why is Oedipus a tragic hero?

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Why is Oedipus a tragic hero?

The popular work ‘Oedipus, the king, was created by Sophocles. Oedipus was described in this play as a Greek tragic hero by Aristotle. King Oedipus was portrayed in the play as a human being who loves himself very much. He is known for his pride and anger. It happens in the story that the people of his country suffer from the plague which is a deadly disease. They ask their king to save them from this difficulty. The king accepts their request and tries to deliver them from the dreadful disease, plague. In order to drive away the plague from his country, it becomes necessary for him to know about the truth about his real parents.
King Oedipus was born to Jocasta and Laius who were ruling Thebes. Oedipus was told by Oracle in his childhood that, he is going to kill his own father and marry his own mother. Oedipus was very much upset by the words of Oracle and wanted to change his fate and left his home. When Tiresias tells Oedipus that he is going to kill himself for doing some wrong things in his life, Oedipus abandoned Tiresias, outraged by his words. Oedipus did not believe the truth about his fate.
King Oedipus reacts violently to most of the situations. He takes decisions in anger and repents for his unwisely acts. Though he wanted to avoid his fate and ran away from his parents, he had to face the truth one day. He unknowingly killed his father Laius and married his mother who was the queen of Thebes. When Oedipus came to know about the truth that he had to succumb to his fate, he felt ashamed of himself. Oedipus was feeling ashamed of considering himself more than God and for trying to prove that he can change his fate. He left the kingdom at the end. Oedipus was murdered mentally as he was unable to forgive himself for what he has done. Hence, Oedipus was called as tragic hero by Aristotle.

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