Why is Oatmeal sticky?

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Why is Oatmeal sticky?

Oatmeal is considered to be one of the healthiest meals that should always be considered and opted in one’s diet. Ideal to be taken as a breakfast meal, it is packed with fiber, vitamins, minerals and other important elements that are evidently beneficial to man’s health. With adequate consumption, researchers and health experts have claimed that oats can help reduce cancer risks, cardiovascular diseases and lowers cholesterol levels. In addition to that, oats were found to be effective in maintaining one’s weight and in controlling one’s blood sugar levels. With an incredible fact for nutritional benefits, intake of oats have proven to improve one’s health and well being as well as reducing serious health diseases such as diabetes and specific types of cancer.
In another light, the consistency of oats becomes an interest to many ordinary people who most likely consume oats and include it in their diet. Once cooked, oatmeal is presented in a porridge-like appearance, with a smooth, bland taste. As edible as it looks, oats are to make as a meal. Oatmeal is made from the mixture of water and grains of oat that are combined under heat. As water reaches to a boil, oats start to expand and the starches contained within the oats are released. It is because of the oats’ starch content that makes oatmeal to be looking like porridge. Yes, starch is one of the components of oats but this is significantly digested by the high-fiber content found in oats. Therefore, oatmeal remains to be a healthy source of food despite the fact it contains starch.
Today, oatmeal continues to provide adequate nourishment. Its natural, rich nutrient content gives one the opportunity to live a healthy life that is full of vibrant radiance and free from any serious illness.

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