Why is Nuclear Power Bad?

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Why is Nuclear Power Bad?

Nuclear power is used by many nations to produce electricity. Nuclear power plants are put up for mechanical power of sea vessels. Nuclear power is useful to the needs of the people and the nations to operate but then there are also bad effects of nuclear power.

Nuclear power is hazardous to the environment. The use of substances in nuclear plants such as uranium can be dangerous because of its radioactive characteristics. Once these substances flow into the water, there is a great danger of water poisoning which may damage the seawater creatures and marine species.

It’s difficult to store nuclear power. Since nuclear waste can’t be recycled, the left-over will even cause more harm to us. Once nuclear power is transported, there is a risk of exposure which might turn to nuclear waste. Nuclear wastes are very risky to the environment and the people. Even if nuclear wastes are buried, they will become radioactive for hundreds of years. When these radioactive substances are exposed and will be released to the environment, they will easily contaminate the soil and water.

Nuclear power may also be risky to the people near to nuclear plants and to those who work in nuclear plants. Too much exposure to radioactive materials produced by nuclear power can increase mortality rate. When people are exposed to these radioactive substances, it can cause health risks such as cancer, infertility, etc.

Though nuclear power can be helpful, it can also be risky if people continue to use it because of its non-renewable property. With this, people are encouraged to use renewable energy because it is much safer and cheap. By using what is natural such as solar, wind, and hydro energy, we can be assured of a safer and cleaner environment just perfect for the next generations to come.

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