Why is Novamov so slow?

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Why is Novamov so slow?

Novamov is one of the many online sites that allow users to upload files such as movies, images, audios and videos that can be viewed online for free. With a maximum file size of 1 GB, Novamov have been used by many as one of the most reliable flash video hosting site. Aside from it is freely accessible, Novamov has the latest, most up to date movies, videos and audios that many people have already enjoyed. Created last December 16, 2008, Novamov is a licensed site owned by Novamov Limited. With its terms and conditions explicitly discussed, Novamov made its name famous to almost movie addicts as well as avid video viewers and audio listeners.
However, many Novamov users today have complaints regarding the site. It is capable of streaming movies and large files but the server seems to be gradually degrading in performance. Before Novamov was upgraded and its feature was more limited and simple, Novamov was working at its peak. Allowing movies to buffer would only take a short and one can watch as many new movies as one desires. But today, almost all people using such site have complaints that Novamov is already getting slower. Although the makers of Novamov remained unresponsive about the concern, many speculations have been made. Some people claimed that Novamov has gotten slow because the upgraded system limits the number of users uploading and downloading files. On the other hand, many people claimed that Novamov is already so slow because there are too many online users accessing the site and downloading files. This can greatly affect the speed and performance of the streaming site. Adding the fact that files can easily be accessed without any fees or payments, Novamov will definitely have some deters in its performance.

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