Why is Nicotine Addictive?

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Why is Nicotine Addictive?

Nicotine is an addictive drug. It brings up lot of changes in the brain so that people who take in this drug will feel like using it for many times. These type of drugs cause unpleasant symptoms. The happiness that is experienced when the addicted drug is taken and the difficulty experienced when it is not available will not allow you to stop its usage. Getting addicted to nicotine was found to be harder to break. There is Dopamine pathway that is helpful in promoting the desire in humans when a person wants to eat, drink, build up a bond, nurture, achieve and have sex. When the want is satisfied the secretion of Dopamine reduces. The satisfaction of the want is recorded in the memory banks. The neuro-transmissions of Dopamine pathway in the memory storage are associated with the event that is satisfied like hunger, drinking and so on.
As the brain is always conscious of the wanting that has been satisfied earlier, it craves for that satisfaction to get again and again. So there can be any chemical that can enter into the blood stream and cross the blood/brain barrier to activate the Dopamine pathway circuitry. Gradually this chemical will conquer the priorities of the brain and dictates to take in the food that satisfies the want. This will continue until the person starts feeling that this chemical is very much essential than eating food. Nicotine also does the same.
The nicotine intake will enhance the Dopamine concentration and this will increase the addiction of a person to the chemical. Each chemical vary in triggering the Dopamine flow. Nicotine also has its own extent of enhancing the urge for intake of nicotine. Apart from increasing the Dopamine flow nicotine also is a stimulant of central nervous system which will trigger the fight and flight activity of the body. The nicotine addiction will make the person to feel great and superior to others. The sequence follows like this: Nicotine level falls in the blood ïÆ’  brain identifies it and signals its necessityïÆ’  intake of new nicotineïÆ’ release of Dopamine ïÆ’  satisfaction of want ïÆ’  recording of that ïÆ’ repeat the cycle.

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