Why is NCLB good?

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Why is NCLB good?

The implementation of No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) created a great impact in to American Education. This law gives educational assistance to poor children as long as certain requirements are met such as establishing learning standards and reporting the progress of the students.

NCLB is good because it becomes a concrete solution to the degradation of American education especially in Math and Reading. Although there are those who are against the policy, still this act is beneficial to both the students and the school.

NCLB will only be granted if the schools do well in annual assessment. This is a reward to schools that have reached the standards of NCLB policy. This step is an ideal motivation for schools to do well and to improve their standards. This even obliges teachers to perform their best especially in imparting knowledge to the students.

The reason why education is a failure in some states can be blamed to the strategies of teachers in teaching the lesson and managing the classroom. In NCLB, it encourages established teaching methods for the pupils to learn better.

NCLB is also taking the parents’ side because they are allowed to let their children transfer to another school if they think that school does not perform well. This would give them freedom to choose a school having high standard of education.

Low-income family will also benefit from this act because they can send their children to school. Aside from the educational assistance the students get, they are also assured that they are taught well in school.

For the schools, they are also [pressured because they need to conform to the basic standards or else they will face consequences such as restructuring of the curriculum and replacing the school staff.

With the implementation of NCLB, the goal of America to eradicate illiteracy might not be too far from achieving.

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