Why Is Nate Leaving Oprah?

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Why Is Nate Leaving Oprah?

Nate Berkus is one of the most successful American interior decorator and has been seen on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show, for the last 8 years (a very long time, on the popular show). He gives design advice ideas to viewers to make their home a wonderful place to live in. When he was still part of the show, he did 127 home make-over’s and made 66 appearances. He left the show for the opportunity to host his own show called ‘The Nate Berkus Show, hosted by NBC Universal.

Oprah quoted that ‘Nate, taught millions on how to love the way they live. Nate on his part appreciated the time and lessons he learned while he was still on the show. He said that speaking the truth makes thing easier, but it is not always that easy. Holding back your feelings and beliefs, to be polite or to prevent from hurting the feelings of others may not always be a good thing. That is what he learned from the ‘Oprah show,, giving honest feedback and ideas can make the difference. Even at the expense of hurting someone’s feelings in the process.

‘Everyone wants to be heard, being acknowledged by someone is a good thing, especially in the TV industry. He likes to make people see on what he truly is, and not someone based on their own personal beliefs and ideas. That is what makes the Oprah show successful and that is what he wanted for his own show. He want people to interact with him and tell him what they want him to know.

The make over’s he did on the last few years on the show certainly made an impression on him. The changes may be temporary, but the human interactions and feelings he used on those make over’s will last forever. That is what is important according to Mr. Nate.

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