Why is my Printer offline?

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Why is my Printer offline?

When a document has to be printed, either the document in the USB or printer in the network should attached to the PC. The documents can be sent to printing. The printer in the network will sometimes reject to take the print command and will be ready to take it offline. This will make all the printing jobs in the network to stop. To solve this problem, the printer has to be changed to online. To change the offline status of the printer to online, it is necessary to open the printer dialog box which displays currently available in the network for printing purpose. The concerned pop-up window of the printer will be opened. This window has menu bar in which printer option can be selected which gives a choice of checking the Use Printer Offline” option. If this option is unselected or unchecked then the printer stops working in offline. Offline mode usage of the printer can be set as checked in order to make it to work in offline.

The printer might also go to offline being already online. This might be due to the stack of previous jobs getting struck. The printer because of the struck jobs might have gone to offline. The status can be changed to online by checking the option Use Printer Online”. If the printer has got struck somewhere, it is better to primarily enter printer menu and cancel printing all the documents. Then the printer can be switched on and processes can be carried out by once again checking whether network connections are fine.

If any of these above methods do not work, it is better to restart the computer . Then you should go to the printer menu and select the properties. Under the general or details tab, driver button should be chosen. The appropriate driver must be selected and should be downloaded if not available. After down loading printer driver, the already existing printer has to be deleted. The new printer software has to be installed. The latest printer driver has to used for getting better benefits.

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