Why is Mozart famous?

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Why is Mozart famous?

Among all the classical music composers that were present in the history of music, Mozart is the popular person. Mozart W A was born in Austria at a place called Salzburg. He was born on 27th January 1756. He can be considered as the person who has achieved very much in his career. The compositions of Mozart were found to have occupied strong place in the classical music world. The works of Mozart were heard by people all over the world.

Mozart left his mortal body in very young age of 35. But, still in those few years of his life, Mozart could leave certain master pieces for the world. The achievements of Mozart were not just the result of the genius person in him. Mozart has made tremendous study on music in his life time. He has put his heart and soul in the music that was composed by him. Hence, he was adored as a unique composer of classical notes in music in the history.

Mozart started playing instruments like violin, organ, and so on from the age of 3. From the age of 5 years, Mozart began to compose music. He travelled in Europe, went to Vienna during 1770s when he has composed two operas known as Mitridate” and Lucio Silla”. His first operas were played in Germany. He was employed in Prince Archbishop in his home town of Salzburg from 1774 to 1777. At this time, Mozart has finished doing his violin concertos with symphonies and masses as well as six piano sonatas.

He continued his journey in music while travelling from Paris to Munich. He raised his income by teaching and playing in public as well as private. Mozart has started working with the famous librettist Lorenzo da Ponte in comic operas in 1786. They were part of his successful and popular works. These works included Don Giovanni” and Marriage of Figaro”. Later he fell ill and died on 5th December, 1791. Mozart became famous as composer of classical notes in the music due to his relentless exploration and investigation of musical genres.

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