Why is Milk good for you?

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Why is Milk good for you?

Some say that milk is good and some say that it is bad. But, as long as we drink milk as a part of balanced diet, there is no problem. Milk is useful for children without any doubt. Adults are not recommended to take in more milk as enzymes necessary for digesting milk (rennin) are lacking in adults. Milk gives high nutrition by supplying vitamin D and calcium to the body. Vitamins and calcium are necessary for bone strength and healthy teeth.

Milk is also known to consist of high levels of protein which are not sufficiently consumed in day today food items. Milk is avoided by most of the people as it consists of fats which are difficult to be digested by the adults. Allergy towards milk is exhibited by many people these days as they do not have tolerance towards milk and milk products. Some people develop a type of allergy reaction in the body as the body’s immune system reacts against the proteins in the milk. This allergy was similar to the wheat intolerance.

Milk with cream is not suggested for people who like to reduce their weight. The milk with cream comprises of high fat content. Hence, skimmed milk is used in order to reduce the bad effect of fats on the hip region in the body. Milk is considered as a balanced source of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Apart from these, milk contains essential nutrients like riboflavin, phosphorus, vitamins A, D, B12 and Pantothenic acid. The proteins that are provided by vegetables and cereals are supplemented by high quality proteins in the milk as milk proteins supply amino acids that are lacking in vegetable proteins.

Milk and milk products were found to stop tooth decay by decreasing the acidity in the mouth. Milk was known to trigger saliva flow and decrease plaque in the mouth. Milk can fill up calcium deficiency and help to turn off disorders like osteoporosis. The combination of whey and casein proteins in milk were found to be useful for muscle building purpose. Milk is also considered as fat burning tool if taken in balanced quantities regularly.

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