Why is Microsoft Word so Expensive?

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Why is Microsoft Word so Expensive?

It is mentioned recently by many people in the blogs and other internet sites that Microsoft word is too expensive. But some people are very keen about their opinion that it isn’t so expensive if you really need all the important features MSOffice offers. In fact it is evident from the Google documents and open office tools that most of the people are right at considering the MSOffice as too expensive. But it is very clear if we look deeply what MSOffice offers the customer regarding Microsoft word that it is not expensive unless we make use of all the features in the MSWord.

MSOffice is offered to the school going students at lowest price of around $100. When you buy a Dell laptop they will provide you with the MSOffice at about $250. The standard edition is available in the net for around $400. When you already have a copy of it and you want to upgrade the version then it is possible to get it at a reliably cheaper rate as the license for upgrading is not expensive. So, the rate of the commodity varies depending on the requirement and extensive usage of the customer.

When we look at the value of the product, definitely people think whether they are receiving the software that is worth for what they have paid. Yes, that can be decided by a person who uses it to the maximum extent by using all the significant and unique features of the MSWord. If you are limiting your usage to only minimum features that are available in other small packages similar to the MSWord available in the market, then probably spending more for MSOffice is not wise enough.

As most of the people use only ten percent of the features available in MSWord, the other similar applications in the market are able to satisfy them. But features like Mail Merge, approval systems, Macros, VBA style extension, more than fifty formats and so on make MSWord very popular, efficient and cheaper in terms of value.

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