Why is Jerusalem important to Jews?


Why is Jerusalem important to Jews?

Aside from being a place in their native country, there are many reasons why Jerusalem is very important to the Jews. If you read the Christian Bible, you will find out how much of a role Jerusalem plays in the lives of Jews as well as Christians. You will also find out, if you were doing some research, that Jerusalem is also important to other religions all over the world.

In the ancient times, Jerusalem had once been the national center, as well as the religious center. Thus, it had always been the place of yearning for many Jewish people because it is their homeland. In the Jewish tradition, the place had been the center of life for 3000 years; since King David. The remains of the Western Walls, which is the last of the remains of the temples that King David had built, were also found here. It is then said that it is the city that YHWH called His own. Jerusalem was where King Solomon built temples that were later on renovated by King Herod. If possible, Jews will come three times to the country to take part in the celebrations.

Back in the days, the synagogues that were built had arks that faced the city of Jerusalem. These arks that are within the country are also made to face the ‘Holy of Holies’. According to the Mishna and the Shulchan Aruch, daily prayers have to be made by the Jews, and, while doing so, they have to face the city of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. To make sure that they do it right, Jews also hang a Mizrach plaque in their homes, to make sure that the direction of their prayers is toward the right place.

Jerusalem is considered a holy place not only by the Jews, but also by other religions all over the world. Many events are centered in this place, so it is no wonder why so many revere this place, and find it very sacred. Should you happen to visit Jerusalem, it is very important that you respect the place and its holiness as well.

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    • William

      June 27, 2013 8:31 pm

      “Palestinian’s”? And who are the “Palestinians”? What is their background? Where did they come from? Who were their leaders before Arafat and the PLO? Check history books on the Middle East, and there will be no mention of “Palestinian Nation” or her people. It is a well known fact that the term “Palestine” (or similar to it) was coined by the Romans after their destruction of the Second Temple at the end of the 63-70 AD War,and later after the Bar Kochba Rebelion. The name of “Israel” was expunged and replaced with Paelestina. There are numerous scholars around the world that will attest to this theory. Even some Arab scholars will, and did in the past, say the same. As for the “Palestnians” returning home, let’s see what they did in Gaza or the West Bank upon those territories being returned to them by the Israelis: instead of moving into the building left intact by the departing Israelis, the “Palestnians” decided to tear those homes instead. Does that mean that they prefer to live in squaller, in in the so-called refugee-camps? And get European sympathy? Or am I missing here something?


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