Why Is It A Sin To Kill A Mocking Bird?

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Why Is It A Sin To Kill A Mocking Bird?

In this sinful world, it’s hard to eradicate the deadliest sin of all, which is ‘to kill,. Every living thing in this world, especially humans have the ability to take the life of other living things. Killing, on a different perspective, is a way of survival. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the right thing to do.
For instance, killing a mocking bird is evil. But, why is it a sin to kill a mocking bird? Mocking birds are well-known for the habit of singing and mimicking the sounds of other animals. All they do is to sing their hearts out to make others happy. These birds are very innocent creatures of God, as they don’t do any harm to other animals or humans. Mocking birds are simply delicate, feeble and vulnerable.

Mocking birds represents innocence and purity; it is an excellent comparison to innocent people. It’s a shame that each one of us has the tendency to destroy the beautiful and peaceful lives of others. Just like the book of Harper Lee, innocent people were condemned of something that they did not do.

It’s very sad that as the world evolves, the character of people get worse. We have been with so many mocking birds in our life, we might have hurt them so many times and yet we are unconscious about it. As humans, we must know better. We must be able to love more and show concern to others, regardless of their class.

If all of us will become as pure as the mocking birds, then our world will definitely be a better place to live in. It will be very challenging to be as innocent and wholesome like them, but if it will bring more goodness for everyone then it’s worth the try.

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