Why is inoculation important?

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Inoculation is a scientific process that involves putting something that is capable of growing or reproducing into another thing or medium.  This process can be applied to different things including the introduction of microorganisms into another medium to achieve a desired effect.  Its application to the medical industry in the form of vaccines and to the agricultural industry makes the process of inoculation very important.

Vaccination is a form of inoculation wherein an antigenic material is introduced into the body of human beings to help boost one’s immune system and makes it resistant to certain types of illnesses.  Many of these illnesses can cause serious and debilitating symptoms with some causing death.  With vaccinations, many serious, medical ailments can be prevented. As many people would say, vaccines have become a very important part of people’s lives when it comes to medical achievements and milestones.  Through vaccines that work by means of inoculation, many diseases have been eradicated from the face of the Earth.  Various lives are saved around the world because of the introduction of vaccines.

Inoculation also serves a very important purpose in the agricultural industry.  Through the introduction of soil bacteria to some crops and vegetables, farmers can expect higher or better yields.  Studies and experiments have shown that some crops and vegetable species actually grow faster and larger when they were inoculated with rhizomia, for example. This literally translates to a higher yield and production for farmers which translates into more profit.  The inoculation of bacteria into plants also helps give them some kind of immunity boost against insects and will,  therefore, require less pesticide spraying.  This will again contribute to the overall profit margin for farmers as more of the plants and vegetables will grow healthfully.

The process of inoculation also serves a good purpose in various other industries and applications, but with its importance to the preparation of vaccines alone makes it a very important process for all humans.

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