Why is hair falling out

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Why is hair falling out

In a normal condition, a person’s hair may shed everyday as part of a natural bodily process. However, there are people who encounter excessive hair loss which can be quite alarming and may result to lowered self-confidence.

There are many possible reasons behind hair fall and knowing its source may help lessen the anxiety that it creates.

According to medical experts hair fall may be hereditary, a product of ageing, due to hormonal imbalance, a result of an illness or infectious disease (or an indication of it if not yet diagnosed), a disorder in the nervous system, an exposure to toxic materials or radiation, and brought about by a physical injury or damage. All of these may contribute to unnecessary hair fall. Nevertheless, it can be a combination between two or more of these factors which leads to an even more problematic hair fall situation.

Pigtails, braided hair, and tight hair rollers may also add to the cause of hair fall that is called alopecia”. If the application of stress in the hair is discontinued, the development of scars within the scalp can be prevented thus allowing a new set of hair to grow back.

Excessive use of hair care products like hot oil, hair coloring, perms, hair straightening chemicals, and blow dryer can create irritation on the hair follicle which may lead again to scarring and eventually hair loss.

Pregnancy is also another common reason behind hair fall which is due to hormonal imbalance. This phenomenon can be observed three months after giving birth which is temporary. As soon as the production of hormones returns to its normal levels, the process of hair fall will also return to its regular cycle.

Also, there are medications that when taken may cause temporary hair fall with the likes of anticoagulants, anti-arthritics, cholesterol lowering drugs, Parkinson’s medication, ulcer drugs, anti-depressants, blood thinners, anti-thyroid agents, and much more.

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